Sunday, March 17, 2013

Having another crack!

I had purchased some more static grass at the start of the year and due to me never being home of late have not had a chance to give it a try.... until now!

 I wanted to do it a little differently to the first attempt as I thought the grass I had used looked too green.  The grass I purchased this time was a lot dryer looking, and I wanted the green to only look like short grass under growth.  I used a sieved HEKI brand flock glued to the dirt for a start.

 Then applied the static grass over the green flock.
The grass is a mixture of 4 and 6 mm long fibres to give an uneven looking growth.
The 4 mm fills in the holes quite well.  Again I have glued yellow flower clumps to the top for some weeds.

I wanted to have tall green grass along creek bed.  This was achieved by using the Woodlands Scenic fibres that are about 80mm long.  I trimmed them to a length that I was happy with and applied a seam of white glue along the areas of the creek bank where I wanted the tall grass.

A near finished scene, just awaiting on some trees and then I will also add a few other bits and pieces.  Perhaps some animals, powerpoles, logs, rocks, etc.

Again from a different angle.

The wheel tracks were made by waiting for the glue to dry, then with a small stiff paint brush wiping the fibres back off the scene.  I will probably do this in other areas as again I am not happy with the grass having a consistent height.  I will also add some clumps of grass to break up the evenness of the grass. 

Final shot.
Hopefully I will have a bit of time at home over Easter to get some more completed as the scenery is really bringing the layout to life.  It's helping with the motivation as I can now see a semi finished product, plus it's nicer to watch a train crawl trough a scene than polystyrene!