Thursday, January 28, 2010

A spare sheep wagon...

I had a lonely SEM L sheep wagon kit lying around, so I decided to put it together over my Christmas break. I thought rather than having an empty wagon I would put in a few sheep which have waiting for the layout that may never come. The following is a few shots of the process. If only the AMRM had come out sooner I could have attempted the round roof version. Maybe another day....

The kit assembled and ready to paint. A helpful hint.... DON'T put on all four sides before painting. It was a nightmare trying to get the second floor in.

Paint complete. I used SEM wagon red, this is a very good paint but takes some time to cure. I usually use a mixture of floquil boxcar red and wagon red.

The fist level of sheep are in. I wasn't sure how many were loaded into the wagons, so I just put in as many as I could fit easily. I used loctite super glue gel as it dosn't run and dries quick.

The 2nd level are in. As I said earlier DON'T glue all four sides together before putting in this floor. Maybe I should follow manufacturers instructions better.....

Ready for the decals, couplers and weathering. I had a look on the Peter Vincent website to try and match a wagon he had photographed, no luck. So this one is on the waiting list until I can find a good photo to replicate.

Friday, January 8, 2010

On the workbench.

Just like every modeler there are projects on the go. Some finished, some close to finished and others that have been started and have had interest lost in them. Currently there would be over 70 wagons and 10 locos that need attention. Here is a snap shot of a few of the current builds at various stages. Hopefully one day some of these wagons will make it to the 'MY COLLECTION PAGE'.

A view of the workbench in the shed. This is where the wagons wait in their groups to be painted. On the left are a few AMRI CHS coal hoppers. Under them is Two Silvermaz BDL. A shipping container (decals), above is a SEM L wagon, then Four AR Kits HLX's and a Trainmaster WSC sleeper wagon. On the right are another Five AMRI CHS coal hoppers, the list goes on.......

Four of the 30 AMRI CHS coal hoppers under construction. The plan with these hoppers is to have a limestone train from recently used coal hoppers. There are still ten to construct and paint and then all to be decaled and weathered. Some of these will end up on the for sale page when it gets up and ready.

I have 10 of these Trainmaster WSC sleeper wagons undergoing upgrades to improve running quality. These improvements are, added weight in the fish belly, AR Kits bogie's and Kadee couplers. The loads are from Gwydir Valley, which I am also hoping to drill out and add more weight. Last on the list is new decals for individual wagon numbers, which a friend will make.

Another project is the 10 or so AR Kits GLV and HLX louvered vans at various stages. The HLX's are awaiting painting as shown in the workbench photo. The GLV's are mostly awaiting on custom decals, again from a friend.

Another shot of the GLV's awaiting decals. The van on the left was modeled from a photo I saw of a GLV with VR interstate bogie's. The van on the right will get some yellow stripes added to look like a weathered version of a banana van.

This project has lasted about two years, there are 30 or so AR Kits NGBF grain hoppers. My excuse for this on is the lack of a good quality 48 class Loco on the market, of which I will need 4 to pull them.(Will that do?)Again at different stages, wire hand rails, paint and decals.

This hopper is awaiting some decals, then the weathering can begin.

A finished product. Hopefully the train will be a very motley bunch of wagons, just like the real thing.

A near complete project is a handful of AR KITS NOBX open wagons. The only part left here is to come up with enough wagon load to fill them. Shown are coil wire loads again from Gywdir Valley. Maybe a few pipe loads......

This project is to assemble Two dummy 80 class locos from some chassis I picked up on ebay. All that is left is to paint the pilots yellow and add kadees. They are weighted with shot gun pellets from the gun shop.

The Two Far North Hobbies Pay buses are nearing completion. The bus on the left requiring decals for completion. They have been run and are a little on the noisy side. So if you have any suggestions I am all ears. The mech is a SEM drive folded up from brass plate.

A shot of the completed pay bus FP11.

My collection.

Here a few shots of my personal collection.

Keep checking back as this will grow over time

Powerline T and and Austrains Y wait with their Austrains cement train as a Rail tractor shunts some Lima modified tankers.

Bachmann works van and Ballast tamper wait alongside a Kibri ballast cleaner. While Two Powerline 48's wait with a loaded AR Kits ballast train.

Another view of the same train.

The steel train passes a TrainOrama 930 hauling a BGB AHDL wheat train.

A CLX in SRA blue. Unsure of the manufacturer.

Powerline 81 with Athern mech and TrainOrama 44 haul a cement train of AR Kits NPRY/X.

Austrains X, Lloyds DL, Austrains 700 and Powerline G haul a steel train comprising of tarpaulined BGB CSX coil steel wagons.

Austrains 80 class with a couple of CLX's. Looks like it could be somko for the workers as the steel train passes by.

Two Austrains X class in V/Line Grey and Orange and Powerline 830 in AN green and gold pulling a freighter. The 830 is dummied and there is a TrainOrama VLCX in VR red in the background. All locos and wagons are weathered and have had Kadees fitted.

Austrains 80 class in Tuscan pulling a short phosphate train.
The 80 has diecast pilots and brass hoses, there is a Railmotor Models JAF in VR red, and two Hanovale ARX hoppers. All are weathered.

Austrains C class in V/Line Grey and Orange pulling a trailerail.
The trailerail consists of tautliners, tankers and refrigerated trailers.

Lima Brake van in AN Green and Gold.
The only modifications are Kadees, extra weight and weathering.

Two Austrains C class in V/Line Grey and Orange.
The only modifications are Kadee couplers and weathering.

Austrains CK5 in AN Green and Gold pulling BGB stone hoppers with removable cast loads painted SAR Grey and AN Green and Gold. These have all been weathered.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The factory line.

Here is a few shots of my production line. I like to try and build wagons in batches of five or more, it makes it a bit quicker build for me and easier to paint ten or more wagon at a time, less paint loss and airbrush cleaning.

After construction weight is added and held in with wood glue. I use this as it is cheap, it dosn't distort the models like some cheap superglues can and if you make a mistake or dribble it, it is easily removed when dry.
I don't really follow the NMRA standards with the weight, I just use what I consider to be a good weight.

After the glue dries the lids go on.

An overall view of the wagons under construction.
The wagons on the bottom right will get a styrene sheet glued close to the top and then have a ballast load put over the top. I don't like to fill the entire wagon with ballast due to extra weight and the amount of ballast required. This will be done after painting.
The wagons on the top right will be unloaded versions.

The completed ballast load viewed from the top.
I like to use a diluted mixture of wood glue and water with a dash of washing up liquid to help the mixture blend in.

Another view from the side.

A completed Sand wagon, after spraying with the airbrush the decals are applied ready to test run or weather, depending on the age of wagon you are modelling.

A weathered phosphate wagon. This was achieved with an airbrush.

Wagons built for others.

Two Steam Era Models FQF container flats.
VR container flats painted VR red and weathered.

Steam Era Models L 791.
VR sheep wagon painted red

Three AR Kits NPRX's
Cement hoppers painted aluminium and weathered with grey paint and real cement powder.

Railmotor models JAF 505.
VR phospate hopper painted VR red and weathered with white.

Two Steam Era Models GY wagons.
VR wheat wagons painted VR red and heavily weathered.

SRA open wagon painted SRA blue and weathered.

AR Kits BBW W1189.
NSWGR Ballast hopper in black weathered with rust.

Steam Era Models VHGF 463C.
Grain hopper in V/line yellow.

AR Kits NGAX 30852.
NSWGR Grain hopper in Aluminium (weathered) as built.

Railmotor models VHQF 220F
Quarry hopper in VR red.