Thursday, January 28, 2010

A spare sheep wagon...

I had a lonely SEM L sheep wagon kit lying around, so I decided to put it together over my Christmas break. I thought rather than having an empty wagon I would put in a few sheep which have waiting for the layout that may never come. The following is a few shots of the process. If only the AMRM had come out sooner I could have attempted the round roof version. Maybe another day....

The kit assembled and ready to paint. A helpful hint.... DON'T put on all four sides before painting. It was a nightmare trying to get the second floor in.

Paint complete. I used SEM wagon red, this is a very good paint but takes some time to cure. I usually use a mixture of floquil boxcar red and wagon red.

The fist level of sheep are in. I wasn't sure how many were loaded into the wagons, so I just put in as many as I could fit easily. I used loctite super glue gel as it dosn't run and dries quick.

The 2nd level are in. As I said earlier DON'T glue all four sides together before putting in this floor. Maybe I should follow manufacturers instructions better.....

Ready for the decals, couplers and weathering. I had a look on the Peter Vincent website to try and match a wagon he had photographed, no luck. So this one is on the waiting list until I can find a good photo to replicate.

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  1. Hi Sparksey,
    Good job on the sheep wagon, they come up a treat once completed and the detail in them is excellant. Have a look at Rob O reagans site for a full list of photo's as you might find what your looking for there.