Friday, January 8, 2010

On the workbench.

Just like every modeler there are projects on the go. Some finished, some close to finished and others that have been started and have had interest lost in them. Currently there would be over 70 wagons and 10 locos that need attention. Here is a snap shot of a few of the current builds at various stages. Hopefully one day some of these wagons will make it to the 'MY COLLECTION PAGE'.

A view of the workbench in the shed. This is where the wagons wait in their groups to be painted. On the left are a few AMRI CHS coal hoppers. Under them is Two Silvermaz BDL. A shipping container (decals), above is a SEM L wagon, then Four AR Kits HLX's and a Trainmaster WSC sleeper wagon. On the right are another Five AMRI CHS coal hoppers, the list goes on.......

Four of the 30 AMRI CHS coal hoppers under construction. The plan with these hoppers is to have a limestone train from recently used coal hoppers. There are still ten to construct and paint and then all to be decaled and weathered. Some of these will end up on the for sale page when it gets up and ready.

I have 10 of these Trainmaster WSC sleeper wagons undergoing upgrades to improve running quality. These improvements are, added weight in the fish belly, AR Kits bogie's and Kadee couplers. The loads are from Gwydir Valley, which I am also hoping to drill out and add more weight. Last on the list is new decals for individual wagon numbers, which a friend will make.

Another project is the 10 or so AR Kits GLV and HLX louvered vans at various stages. The HLX's are awaiting painting as shown in the workbench photo. The GLV's are mostly awaiting on custom decals, again from a friend.

Another shot of the GLV's awaiting decals. The van on the left was modeled from a photo I saw of a GLV with VR interstate bogie's. The van on the right will get some yellow stripes added to look like a weathered version of a banana van.

This project has lasted about two years, there are 30 or so AR Kits NGBF grain hoppers. My excuse for this on is the lack of a good quality 48 class Loco on the market, of which I will need 4 to pull them.(Will that do?)Again at different stages, wire hand rails, paint and decals.

This hopper is awaiting some decals, then the weathering can begin.

A finished product. Hopefully the train will be a very motley bunch of wagons, just like the real thing.

A near complete project is a handful of AR KITS NOBX open wagons. The only part left here is to come up with enough wagon load to fill them. Shown are coil wire loads again from Gywdir Valley. Maybe a few pipe loads......

This project is to assemble Two dummy 80 class locos from some chassis I picked up on ebay. All that is left is to paint the pilots yellow and add kadees. They are weighted with shot gun pellets from the gun shop.

The Two Far North Hobbies Pay buses are nearing completion. The bus on the left requiring decals for completion. They have been run and are a little on the noisy side. So if you have any suggestions I am all ears. The mech is a SEM drive folded up from brass plate.

A shot of the completed pay bus FP11.

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