Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cork's down

I've been doing a bit of travel with work lately, so not much has been getting done on the layout.

Fortunately I got home early Friday morning form a trip which gave me the day off, so the keenness kicked in and I managed to finish off the baseboard, then get a coat of paint in late Friday afternoon. Saturday saw some more free time, so with the paint dry I took the chance to get the cork down. Sunday saw babysitting duties but that didn't hold me back... while I wasn't getting food, changing nappies, mowing the lawn or entertaining the kids I managed to finish the job. I even managed to get some polystyrene down before the end of the day. So while I wait for my track to arrive from Tom's, I have been focusing on the buildings around the layout.........but that will have to be another post.

The view form the terminus.

The station will be on the left with the good shed to the right. This area is now covered with polystyrene.

The opposite end of the terminus looking across to the grain terminal.

Again this area has had Styrofoam laid.

The view from the end of the grain terminal showing the gravity loader on the left, sweeping around to the bridge on the right.

The view looking back towards the bridge. There will be a station in the top right corner, more a passing loop than anything else. This area will be have a large mountain to the right, so the trains will wind there way around the hill.

Looking back over to the area where the last shoot was taken. To the right of this photo is the other station. It is hoped to be a main station prior to becoming a branch line.