Sunday, September 30, 2012

Perfect Timing!

Iwas gifted a couple of BCW's from a mate after he purchased some Eureka ones.  I didn't feel like spending the time on them to get them operational as I have a pack myself and there is no need for any more.  I decided to put one to use as lineside detail.... but I had no pictures or immedate thoughts.

After reading Rod's post on "What to do with those old wagons?" Some pictures were borrowed (hope that's OK Rob?) and the idea I was formed!  Because this will eventually end up on my layout I decided to deviate from the pictures on Rod's  Blog in regards to the scenery and chose my own path.

The donor wagon.

The Door removed and reglued in the open position.
At this stage it has also had a new coat of paint and the weathering applied.

Again prior to construction.
I had another plan in mind. Since I accidently glued down my show and tell plan for the Armidale convention, I decided to make a diaorama.  This way when the convention is over I can fit it in place on my layout where the scenery has not yet been started.

The Diaorama as of this evening.  I thought it might be best not to show you the completed project.
That way if you go to the convention it won't be as nice. 

View from a lower angle.

Last minute changes saw me add this small section of handlaid track.   I thought I should add some rails, it looks nice and adds to the scene.  Unfortunatly It will be pulled up when added to the layout.
The other problem now is that I am so happy with the handlaid track I now want it for my layout.....SHIT!  Perhaps one day??

A closer view of the track.
As I said it is not yet complete as I have a few more ideas I want to implement.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Take 3!

You may recall a few blogs back that I had built a Timber road overpass out of Styrene.  Well Mark 1 sold to a friend, Mark 2  went to eBay and Mark 3 made it to the layout.  Below are a few shots of the installation of the bridge, of course it is not completed, I haven't put up a post in 6 months so I thought I had better come up with something.....

After the bridge was painted, it was test fitted to ensure that once plastering had been completed it wouldn't require too much bastardization to get it to fit.

Looking along the single lane dirt road after the plastering had been completed.

The view from the North.

The first of the dirt has gone down to get an idea of how it will look.

Laying of the dirt and Ballast has been completed.

The view in the opposite direction.

A final close up.