Sunday, June 21, 2015

Little bit of Weathering

 We had a nice sunny day today, so why not take the opportunity to do a little weathering.

8629 straight from the box.

The finished product

I found an image in "Under the wires" of 8649 that had a lot of white washing running down the side so I thought I'd do my best to replicate it.

From another angle

Moree's 82 class have arrived!

Straight out of the box.

8219 from the box

The 4 models afte being in service a couple of months.  From all of the pictures I have seen of 82 class they are rarely filthy.  They generally have dust on the roof and around the bogies.

8215 a little bit closer.

Just need to weather the 77 hoppers that run behind them now!