Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Wagons completed!

Finally another couple of projects finished!
You may remember from one of my first posts I was building these three GLX vans.
Well I have finally had a chance to get them completed!
Travelling away with work is making it very hard for me to model lately and even harder to get some posts up. So here is an update.

Step one to weathering these models was brushing on some rust colour and then giving it it a few seconds, then putting on a tissue and taking away most of the colour. The end result is shown above.

I then brushed on some red around the springs of the bogie's.
I also added some very thinned down grimey black with a brush around the bogie's.

This is a close up view of the bogie's.
I didn't want to get to heavy on the weathering as sometimes I think there can be too much.

Another of the wagons showing a different weathering arrangement. This time focused more around the hinges of the doors.

I noticed in the picture of this van that it had 'Newcastle' written three times on the lower section of the van. I imitated this with a very fine point paint pen.

The wagons were all hit with the grimey black from the airbrush to dull down the rust and blue paint on the wagon. It also received a dull coat which sealed the weathering to the wagon.
This shot shows how it has dulled down the white lettering of the hand written 'Newcastle'.
I probably went a little heavy with the rust, but this exercise was not to match the wagons exactly but to use them as a bit of a guide and try something different.
The last wagon. Again not exact but a close representation.
Maybe after a few more attempts my skills will improve, but it is all a learning curve.
Overall I am happy with the out come as I have not built and paint the stock standard gunmetal grey louvered van with grimey black weathering. They are a unique model.

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