Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shunters wagon.

I have had a set of Columbia models NOFF ore hoppers for a while now which were part of a collection I purchased. Not being a fan of the wagon they sat in the shed for months until a mate gave me an idea. On one of his many trips into NSW photographing trains he showed me a picture of a converted NOFF into a shunters wagon. So me being always on the look out for a new challenge and some individuality I had a go at representing the wagon.

The original wagon minus it bogie's.

The first panel removed with the gas axe.

The opposite side panel removed and undercoated.

New handrails and step into the wagon. The step is a left over from an AR kits BD.

Paint completed with the rust weathering and some black and white highlights.

The opposite side of the wagon.

The completed wagon with it graffiti. Unfortunately the graffiti was a guess as I only had a shot from one side of the wagon.

The other side. Compare with the original below, but the weathering could do with some improvement.

The original.

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