Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scratchin' up a few things!

Here are a few bits and pieces I have been putting together for the "Boggabilla" end of the layout. Now I am not trying to recreate Boggabilla, so before someone pulls me up for inaccuracy, I am only modelling the aspects of the NSW railways that I like and scaling them to suit my available space.

The goods shed that will go in place on the Bogga goods siding. The idea behind the different length legs is to bury the long legs in for stability and the shorts will be at ground level.

A little scene showing the buffers goods shed and yard crane. The crane is a Uneek kit.

Same scene from a different angle.

A closer view of the crane. I cheated and super glued this one together as I couldn't find my low melt solder.

The coal stage I made over the wet weekend. Again not to scale length as I don't have the room or think that Bogga has the need for a 100 foot coal stage!

The hole in the end is due to running out of styrene, so I used the scraps. I will make this look as though something has fallen into the stage and broken the timber.

View from underneath the stage.
All they need is a little paint and they will do the trick.