Monday, January 2, 2012

Pitty the holidays are over?

Another productive morning produced a cattle ramp.

The model was constructed with styrene, balsa and the black components are code 70 rail.

The loading ramp will be placed in the grain loop between Boggabillan and Milguy, it will only be for very small loadings. The only problem is that I need to get some BCW's, perhaps a order to Ron might be on the cards?

The pieces on the top of the gates are my addition. I thought it might be cool to have operating gates. Gates open.....

......gates closed.

The only cattle wagons I have, at this stage......

Again, time for paint but unfortunately back to work tomorrow, so this may be on the back burner for some time?


  1. Thanks Darren. Bit of a shame we missed you at Craigs the other day. Next time perhaps?

  2. The word 'prolific' springs to mind ! Yet more nice work Ben.

  3. Thanks Gary! Not use to nice name calling, I usually get called worse!