Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Having a Crack!

So I have purchased one of those static grass applicators from eBay.....
Below are the results.  The guy I purchased it from was Aussie Scenics, it was $40 with free post.  It uses 2 D cell batteries which makes it very portable.  It was easy to use and it gave me a couple of tickles when I wasn't paying atttention.  Oh and read the instructions, because when it says to short the dispenser with the ground pin after use, do so cause the shit of a thing strores a pretty good charge, even when the batteries are removed!

 The area near the coal stage.

 Around Boggabilla station and platform.

The yellow and red clumps are flowers/weeds from Noch.  They are pre made all you need to do is glue them down.

 The other side of the station.

 The longer grass clumps are also from Noch.

An overall view.  I think I might do it again with a dryer and longer grass to immitae spinifex grass with a green undergrowth.


  1. G'day Ben!

    Great job on the grass. I myself got my self one of aussie scenics applicators and they sure do make yo stay awake if you do it wrong! Good little product though. Also may I ask what you are using for your yellow/red weeds and flowers?



  2. Sorry about that I looked at the pictures and not the words..... Ha ha


  3. Hi Ben and Kyle.
    Good to see you getting some good results with the applicator. We have some longer dead/dying grasses coming in over the next couple of weeks and we are about to release flowering grass tufts in 4 different colours similar to the ones from noch but self adhesive like our other tufts. Another idea is to slightly flatten area of grass before drying to give a little bit more of an uneven effect. Good luck!
    Tom @ Aussie Scenics