Friday, April 9, 2010

More photos from Mars?

It's not another blog about my models i know just some more shots of trains in Chile.
This time at the Port of Antofagasta.

A shot of the loaded wagons at the port. It may be hard to see but the bogie on the left of this wagon had a spoked wheel.

A view of the differences in the types of bogies used.
These trains travel at less than 60kmh.

A closer view of a loaded wagon.

The line running through town from the Rail yard to the port.
This view is looking back towards the station.
A little different to the line in my last blog.

A shunter collecting the empty wagons later in the afternoon.
Sorry about the quality of the shot, its on the phone through a dusty windscreen.

Saw this wagon near the hotel I am staying at. Juding from the quality of the wagons and bogies currently in use, I am surprised they let this one go!

One last shot from the port was these box cars in the distance.

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