Friday, April 2, 2010

Something different?

Here is something different?
It has been a while since my last blog and for this I am sorry. With work and family it dosn't leave much time for hobbies. Currently, I am in Chile for work away from my family and friends. So here is my chance to put up a post. Obviously it is not about my models as this is quite hard for me do as they are still in Australia. It is still train related so I hope it gives you something to enjoy. The following photos are from Escondida, a mine site 2 hours west from Antofagasta, which is in the north of Chile. The railroad company is FCAB or Ferro Carrill Antofagast Bolivia. They have a pretty cool website, which i warn you must turn down your speakers first or it will surprise you. They have some good animations on the movements of the train below. Not 100% accurate but good none the less.

The train consists of flat wagons and tankers. The train heads up to the mine with empty flats and the tankers full of sulfuric acid. It has just finished unloading it's acid and loading the sheets of copper.

A view of the locos, a nice looking livery I think and they made a great sound on this incline.

The mid train consist to show the two loadings.

The train continues up the grade and I believe it is headed back to the port of Antofagasta. Not a long train, but you need to understand that these trains are 3000 meters above sea level.

One of the acid tankers. Note the differences between it and the next photo.

This tanker looks to be mounted on the top of a flat wagon. It may be hard to tell but they are a orange colour heavily weathered. This is because the annual rainfall in this region is below 10mm I think.

Ballast? What is that? It must be an interesting job inspecting the sleepers, That's if there are any under there. Very easy scene to model I guess just need dirt and stones.

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