Monday, August 16, 2010

Everything is made to be broken!

Some friends of mine were driving from Toowoomba to Sydney for the Annual modellers convention. They always like to stop at various train locations along the way. One such location is Werris Creek. I had received an email from one of the men a week or so earlier saying that a list of 48's had been towed from Narrabri to Werris Creek ready for scrapping. Well this was to be correct. The following is some images of the beloved 48's being eaten by the scrappers excavator.

The heart out of an unknown 48.

The cabs of 4855 and 4879.

Another unknown cab.

The hungry excavator making lite work of destroying our beloved 48.

4885 awaiting the same fate. Also the heart from a sister unit and what looks like a container flat at front of picture.

The cab of 4879.

48149 watching it's sister being eaten up. 4876 in the line of destruction.

More 48's wait their turn in line.

Last but not least my favourite 4869. Their are at least 13 48's in total receiving the same treatment. 4855, 4860, 4861, 4869, 4866, 4873, 4874, 4876, 4879, 4880, 4882, 4883, 4885.
I guess there is a good modelling idea for all those who own powerline 48 class and don't know what to do with them once their TrainOrama 48 have arrived!


  1. Thanks for sharing Ben, it would be hard to watch!! Darren

  2. I hardly call this scraping, It's more like butchering!