Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Free Time!

After finishing my chores around the house today I was allowed to have some play time! So what better thing to do than duck into the shed, fire up the air compressor and get into some long overdue weathering. Today's goal was to try and get the bunch of Tuscan locos I had waiting around weathered so I can put them on eBay. These were some locos I picked up from a deceased estate, they are not my era, but were too good a price to refuse. I haven't weathered much in the way of the Tuscan era so it was a learning curve for me. Also very easy as there are heaps of photos around to use for inspiration.

The end result of a couple hours weathering. Unfortunately the photos don't do them much justice.

3507 is an AR kits loco in Marlboro. It is the only loco I will keep as I have wanted one of these for some time and you don't see too many others with them. I plan on doing a post on this loco as I have made quite a lot of little modifications to make it look more like a 35 and less like the as delivered 45.

4705 is from the TrainOrama family. As we all know high in detail, it just needed to look more like a model and less like a toy.

44203 is a DJH kit that I picked up for an absolute steal. It was built and painted all I had to do was give it a light touch of weathering and that finished this model nicely.

4856 from the Powerline family. Just fitting the couplings as I write this blog.

4912, again from the Trainorama family.


  1. Great work with the modelling and weathering, I agree it is good to get an early afternoon from work and head on out to the train room. I will have to keep my eyes out for the 47 on ebay.


  2. Thanks Darren, it's good to know your work is appreciated by others. And yes it is a good idea to forget about everything and do some peaceful modeling with all those paint fumes in the air....very relaxing. That reminds me i need to feed the monster in the shed cupboard!
    If you want to make an offer on the 47 it might save us both some time?

  3. Sparksey4869,
    See I got it right this time. I'll bid $1 more than Darren. I would love a 47, the one loco I don't have. You should come and weather about 500 wagons of mine when you have time. Your work looks really great.

  4. Can you send me an email and some details about both the 47 and 49. Do you think they have done the miles or have they been show case models prior to you owning them. Darren

  5. Thanks Craig, maybe one day I could drop in for a visit, a run and perhaps do some weathering? You will have to talk with Darren, if I had another it would be yours. I will keep you posted as I come across a lot of second hand stuff in as new condition. email me and perhaps we could arrange a running day?