Sunday, October 24, 2010

PC 1

After my bridge building success I decided to have a shot at building a PC1. Again I choose to use styrene as it is readily available and easy to use. I went with the 15 inch precast slabs for my first attempt. I want to put a little end to end layout in my shed one day and loosely base it on the Rand line where all stations are of the PC 1 construction. Most of them had no awnings, but as I said, loosely.

The finished product. The colour scheme and weathering were mimicked from a photo of the Milguy PC1 on the Boggabilla line. The grey is where the blue paint has chipped off exposing the cement panels.

The rear of the building. I am modelling them as abandoned/derelict. Hence no doors and windows.

The rain water tank side of the station. Once the platform is made I will do the Legs.
Not perhaps the same standard as Casula's but I am happy with the outcome.

A shot of the building after paint and prior to roofing. The shade of blue is a little darker than I had hoped but weathering will knock it back.

One of the failed attempts to chamfer the wall panels. I glued them in first and waited for them to dry, then filed the chamfer. Too slow and fiddly.
Another failed attempt. I glued the panels in the building then add the chamfer. Another slow process. The fastest way I finally worked out was to chamfer the entire length prior to cutting the individual panels.
All the wall panels are finally completed.
Front awning has been put on.

Completed unit ready for paint.


  1. Very nice effort Sparksey. The H beams underneath also add to the affect. Although I'd use the sheet styrene myself instead of individual planks. I know you can get Novelty Siding for 10" spacing as that is what I used for my PC3 for The Risk and a few signal boxes.

  2. Great work, I like the effort you have put into the roof,awning and supports. Really worth it. The colour has turned out well in the photos. Darren

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I wanted to use individual boards more so for the effect. Sheet looks too perfect for me. Horses for courses. I might try the 10" stuff when I have a go at one of those style PC's.