Sunday, October 10, 2010

Styrene Railway overpass.

I've decided to put the trains on the back burner for a while and have a shot at some scratch building. Now that I have put travel with work on hold till next year, it has given me more time to do some modelling. So here here is my first attempt, a timber railway overpass. There were two options for materials to use for this build, styrene and scale timber. I know a timber one would look realistic, but I felt styrene would be more durable and easier to work with. Hopefully paint will create the timber effect?

The outsides of the bridge were assembled first.

The outsides and piers assembled.

The main structure assembled.

Handrails now attached.

The completed model with decking and side rails now attached.
I decided to go with Balsa which I scribed for the timber decking. I didn't really feel like cutting a hundred or so planks which would use up about 3 or 4 packs of styrene, plus it looks better.
Look hard enough or click on the photo and you will see the wire strung through the handrails.

A coat of brown paint to begin with.

Next I added some grimey black and rust in a few different areas with a dry brush to give the styrene a weathered timber and rusty look. I also streaked the timber posts to give the look of having a grain.

Next some grey and weathered black added from the airbrush. This is to dull down the brown of the timber. Also a streak of black in the centre for the smoke/diesel fumes from the locos. After that another pass with a dry brush in a few areas to show up some fresh timber weathering. I think it looks the part.


  1. Really nice job sparksey, You've left nothing out and really looks the part. I love doing this sort of stuff, it makes you appreciate how much timber is in a bridge like this.
    Great stuff.


  2. Nice one Sparksey, looks great.


  3. Thanks, it's good to get these comments from whom I consider to be elite modellers.
    I am about to start my next build. I really enjoyed constructing this bridge so much I built a second on the next day!