Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The First Bridge is in.

I might appear to be rushing ahead on the layout but, there has been a real need to get this part of the scenery complete. The trains have been unable to cross this section of the layout, without the bridge in place the rails split and the Locos drop through. I thought I may as well get it close to complete and also give myself some idea of how successful the scenery methods I will use turn out.

The gap prior to installation.

The bridge is in. Slight problem, the legs aren't long enough. When I built this bridge I was hoping to create a shallow creek crossing......guess I got carried away when creating this creek?

There is more than one way to skin a cat, I concreted in the piers!

The view from the other end. I never did a post on this bridge, it was made from styrene off a Greg Edwards plan of a 14ft opening. The airbrushed and dry brused in spots for timber weathering and grain.

A close up of the concrete footings.

Another angle. These were made by cutting moulds from plastic and pouring the plaster in while in situ. Whilst still wet i scratched it with a tooth pick for some effect. It was then that I washed it with a diluted grey to give the appearance of concrete.

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