Monday, March 26, 2012

Painting things.

The sun was shining and time was on my side, so what better to do than paint some of the structures I had previously built.

This is a 10ft stock underpass? I saw this structure on the Tenterfield to Wallangarra line the other week when we went for a drive. I took a lot of pictures and some measurements to knock this one up from styrene, it's not too hard if you take lots of photos and have some timber measurements for reference.

The view of the other wing wall. You will notice that the one on the left has rail where the one on the right has timber poles. It seems that the bridge I saw may have had the timber poles fail and the rail was a repair job. The other difference on the real structure was that the timber was full lengths on the side with the poles, the side with the rail was reconstructured from used sleepers. I was a bit too lazy to copy this.

Opposite side of the bridge.

The stock ramp now with a coat of paint. You may remember the post I did on this one earlier in the year.

I think it may need a bit more of a grayish dry brush, it still looks a bit dark.

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