Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tight arse tip!

Another rant on scenery I know but hopefully his one will save you a bit more cash.  I did some searching and trials on how to make my own grass tufts instead of buying the ones that cost as much as 3 bags of static grass.  Below is the method I have found to be useful so far, but it could be improved on as time goes by.  You could alternatively do it in place, you would need a good bag less vacuum to reclaim the excess static grass for a second use.  The only problem is you will probably pull up other scenery flock and have a mixture of grass and flock.... 

A standard piece of alfoil.
Drop a few dabs of glue here and there to make your random bases for the tufts.
(You need an metal base to conduct the electricity!)

Next, coat the sucker with static grass.
I used a mixture of 4.5 and 6 mm long dry grass.
Using the 4.5 seems to fill out the centre a bit better and give it a full and inconsistent height in the grass.

A good thick coating of static grass is what you want, don't be stingy as you get what doesn't stick back later.

The finished product.
After a good 24 hours drying time you can remove the excess static grass for another reuse.
Then you use you finger nail to pick and then peel off the tufts.
(Don't know why this picture loaded upside down?)

The finished product ready to glue down.

Some tufts glued in place with a little more white glue.

Again another area where the tufts have come to use.  You are gonna need a million of these bad boys so get to making them!  Perhaps a good family bonding time with the kids, if you have the patience......


  1. There's nothing like a good sense of achievement when you've made something yourself,great result.Peter

  2. Brilliant idea! I like saving cash as well - since this hobby of ours cost an arm and a leg.
    Thanks Ben.