Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Not just a one trick pony!

I got a hold of  a couple of trucks that I wanted to convert into grain trucks.
The first one was from the US, mini metals?  The second from Europe a Busch brand.

This truck was given to me by a friend to play with.
I built a tray and grain bin from pictures of several truck similar on the Internet.

The completed unit prior to painting.

After paint and a little weathering.

Pressed into service.  Thankfully it didn't break down on the way to the silos!

Another truck of my own.
I removed the tipper tray it was supplied with.

New mudflaps installed.

The completed grain bin.

It just needs a lick of paint to stop the rust setting in.

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  1. Your work on these trucks have come at the right time and have inspired me to kit bash one from the Mini Metals IH R-190.So thanks and keep the ideas coming.Peter