Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good Buy!

Caught up with an old friend at the Toowoomba exhibition whom I hadn't seen in a while. Lucky I did as he offered me a Auscision B class in VR blue and gold for $150! It didn't take long to realise that was a great deal. I would have preferred a Tangerine and grey but for that price I ain't complaining. So straight to the weathering bench...... One problem, I moved house and my bench is in 20 pieces on the floor of the new shed. So a makeshift bench was found to achieve this.

Firstly a spray of grimey black around the bogie's, lower section of the loco and the roof area.

A light dusting on the roof to knock back the new shine.

A touch of gloss back with a brush to simulate spilt diesel and oil on the tank and oil from the engine or exhaust out of the engine bay. I also touched up the bearing areas on the bogie's, not shown in this picture.

A view of the other side. As I am not that old and don't live in Victoria, I find it great to use the Train Hobby publication books to find pictures of Locos and select the condition/state I want to reproduce.

Then a spray of rust/mud to simulate road grime on lower areas.

The other side view of the Loco.

A view from the nose.

Lastly a coat of dull coat to knock back any remaining shine and seal on the weathering to prevent fingers wiping it off when removing and replacing it in the box.

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