Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Never too sick to model!

Had a sick day today to help look after the kids which are all sick plus fighting a cold myself. So between taking one to and from Kindy and the others to the doctor I managed to spare a little time for myself. So what better to do than build another turntable. I was reading that the 60ft turntables were very predominate so I better have one of those too.

Nearly complete model. Not sure what I want to use for the flooring, options are sheet styrene or that plastic packing strip. I've seen it used in the past so I'll have to get some tomorrow at work to check the thickness and realism.

I had to cheat a little again as I was getting tired of making 3 x 3 angle out of strip styrene. I made the angle brackets of strip instead of the angle.

The wheel brackets and more underside detail.

Closer view.

The 2 compared.

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