Monday, June 13, 2011

A Miserable Long weekend.

Due to the miserable weather here this weekend there was nothing to do but put some time into modelling. I've been wanting to build a turntable for some time now so I gathered up the research info I have and got right into it. I decided to build a 50 ft turntable as one day I hope to build a layout which incorporates a branch line with a terminus, therefore I need a turntable to spin those old steamers round or maybe just have it sitting around unused as I mostly run diesels.

Side on shot of the model, only requiring the rails.

Due to the weather painting was not an option, it will have to wait for another day.

Another view from the turn assist handle.

I cut the sides from a sheet of .20 styrene. Then added all the strengthening beams for the sides. Because evergreen don't make a 'T' in styrene it was all made up from strip styrene, very time consuming but worth it.

Top view of the two sides together with strengthening cross members. I added a little extra styrene on the insides for strength and to assist with the squareness. It will be hidden with the top member which the rail attaches to.

I chose to use scale timber for the walkways as I wanted to model a realistic look and effect. It would have been stronger with styrene but due to the amount of use it will get I think the timber is a better option.

I went with styrene for the hand rails as a strength option, plus they are usually painted white so it will nearly be unnoticed. I also left the pinion cover until I can decide on a method to have the turntable rotate and power the rails.

A view showing the walkway brackets. I had to cheat a little as it was very difficult to get the styrene to bend all the way around the bracket to create the tee shaped steel used. Hopefully it will go largely unnoticed as it is underneath.

I found an old pair of plastic wheels which came in handy too bastardise. They are a little oversize but I prefer that so they will easily find the rail in the pit.

Another view of the mechanical assist handle. I will update as soon as the paint and rails go on.


  1. Very nice piece of work, Sparksey. Sometimes the wet weather is most welcome on a long weekend!

  2. Great work on the turntable! It looks very nice!!

  3. Excellent bit of scratch building. Good effort for one wet weekend ! I'd spend the weekend just thinking about it.